Call for recommendations: All Gutter Services Hi Gary:
thank you for your work!   I was happy to see your email.  I was left with the house and now have to worry about all aspects of it.  I know now I can trust you and your work.  You are diligent and seem to really care about what you're doing.  Rare.  I was not home during the rain, but if it rained here as hard as it rained at Sacred Heart, when I got home I checked the towel I left on the sill of the window that the water seeped in during the last hard rain, and it was not even damp.  You probably fixed it.  I'll keep watch for a little while.  I certainly will spread the word.  I have already started!  Thank you again.



Hi Gary ,

Great job! I'll let you know about my mothers house. I gave my son your name and number for gutter cleaning for one of his customers. 


Mr Maynard did an excellent job cleaning my gutters. He stayed within the quoted estimate and finished on time. I will continue to use his services in the spring and in the fall. Ms. D.